South Palm Beach Police Department

Telephone No. 561-586-2122

Non- Emergency No. 561-540-5701           

Department Mission Statement:   "Community First"

The Chief of Police is the highest-ranking Officer in the Police Department. As a General Manager of the Police Department, the Chief is responsible for the planning, efficient administration and operation of the Police Department. The Chief attends Regular Town Council meetings to keep that entity informed about any issues related to the Department’s operations, and to respond to citizens complaints or concerns. Also, the Chief acts on all matters related to disciplinary issues, and makes recommendations for exemplary conduct of the Department’s sworn Officers. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Police Officers perform responsible Police work in the Town regarding the protection and safety of the community through prevention, control of crime, preserving the  peace, regulating traffic, providing emergency services; and performing all other duties as required.

Police Officers work under the supervision and direction of the Chief.

  • Michael Ladda, Sergeant
  • Jason LaForte, Patrol Officer
  • David Hul, Patrol Officer
  • Jose Fernandez, Patrol Officer
  • Adolf Alexandre, Patrol Office
  • Joseph Ciraolo, Patrol Officer
  • Adam Farrish, Patrol Officer